FREE Shipping

Allen's Outdoor continues to keep the Outdoors affordable by keeping our prices competitive; and NOT charging for Environmentally Friendly shipping.  In order to keep our prices low, we use a global network of warehouses & distribution centers with efficient inventory management.  We keep a lean selection of items in our warehouses in the U.S. and around the world so that we have a large selection overall, but limited to the most popular items in any region. We shuffle orders from our warehouses to our Distribution Centers in Bulk shipment making them Environmentally Friendly; however, It does take about 2 - 3 weeks.

When an order is available in a local warehouse, we can ship the order directly to you for a small fee, in a week or less. If it is available in a regional warehouse we can ship direct to you in 1 to 2 weeks for a smaller fee.

Although we try to keep a good selection in our local and regional warehouses where we are based; it is impossible to predict exactly what will sell and when items will sell. Large inventories increase costs. We will do our best to follow local trends and keep top sellers stocked locally.

If an item is not available in a local warehouse; we move bulk shipments of products to our Regional Distribution Centers where the shipments are separated, sorted and sent to you by local carrier. Think of us as using the Southwest Airlines Business Model. It might take a little longer, but it costs much less, is environmentally friendly, you have more fun and it ships to you for free.  You are always welcome to choose environmentally friendly (free) shipping.

A side note about our shipping processes; we strive to use Environmentally Friendly methods. By combining multiple orders into large shipments to our Regional Distribution Centers, we reduce amount of fuel and resources required to move each item. We are continuing to explore ways to Reduce our impact on the Environment throughout the packaging & shipping process.

We take great pride in having great service while making outdoor supplies affordable. All of the customer support for customers in the U.S. is handled by english speaking agents who care about your interests.


Our commitment is to get your order delivered as fast as possible. Our average order currently takes 10 days.  We strive to get every order delivered in less than four weeks. This commitment keeps our focus on improving our processes every day. 


COVID Shipping Note

Allen’s Outdoor is committed to our employees’ and customers’ health and safety, while also getting orders delivered in a timely manner. We are practicing social distancing, as well as increasing our sanitizing and safety measures. We have also paid for all employees to be vaccinated.  There are no guarantees that orders will deliver within our Four-Week Commitment Period, but we are looking to improve processes every day. We will continue to ship orders with the understanding that delivery could vary from 5 days to 35 days depending on the warehouse from which we ship. In rare shipping situations it can take up to 60 days due to the ever-changing logistical environment. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by this pandemic.