About Allen's Outdoor


Allen grew up at the foot of Mount Rainier in a town called Eatonville. He could walk 20 miles east out his back door to the mountain without crossing a paved road. Allen's playground was endless; with Fir Trees, Rivers, Elk, Beaver Ponds, Cliffs, Deer, Trails, Alder Trees, Meadows, Waterfalls, Blackberries, Old Logging Camps, Bear, Homesteads and of course stinging-nettle and devils club. (He always has to mention devils club or something else scary to keep everyone from moving to Western Washington. He is fully aware there are no poisonous snakes, spiders, scorpions, ants, etc. & the rain doesn't scare most people.)

Allen loves the outdoors! He wants everyone to spend more time with Nature. Take a break from electronics, pollution, ugly buildings, traffic, and other people who are stressed, depressed, anxious and rude.

If more people become in touch with the outdoors, they will be independent, relaxed and friendlier. They would then want to preserve and protect nature, parks, wilderness and the rest of the of the Outdoors. Allen believes we all must act to save our Planet!

However, Allen watched City Folk spend thousands of dollars at REI to get their family ready for a one week camping trip.  Allen decided he wanted to find a more affordable way to encourage others to get outside. 

Affordable Adventure