Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds
Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds
Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds
Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds
Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds

Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds

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Headlight with 3 or 5 Leds

* LED model: 1T6 + 2XPE / 1T6 + 4XPE / 1T6 + 4XPE with sensor 
* Waterproofing design 
* Aluminum alloy housing 
* Aluminum alloy reflector 
* No sensor headlight: 3 modes (bright light / low light / flashing mode) 
* With sensor headlight: 4 modes (medium-low-high-strobe + sensor mode) 
* Battery model required: 2x 18650 battery 
* Color: gold / silver 
* Main light weight: 175g (186g inductive switch style) 
* Adjustable focus, Zoomable LED headlight 
* Switch: head switch

Main Features:
You can choose the headlight with the sensor switch to free your hands! No need to flip the switch, wave your hand to turn on the light Use 2 * 18650 rechargeable batteries Intelligent circuit control, Telescopic zoom, 4 modes (loud, low, strobe, SOS) The head can adjust the lighting angle of 90 degrees. The red light on the battery holder plays a good warning role in night walking or cycling! Suitable for sports enthusiasts to do Hunting, Cycling, Cycling Riding, Climbing, Hiking, Working, Fishing, Camping, etc.

Package Contains:
No sensor switch: 
 With the probe switch:
Package E: 1x headlamp (5 LED with ZOOM and gold sensor) 
Package F: 1x headlamp (5 LEDs with ZOOM and gold sensor) + 1x mains charger + 2x 18650 batteries


If you choose 5led sensor headlight, please press the switch button 3 seconds, you will find the sensor function.

  • For Head torch of 5 Leds with SENSOR:

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